Top Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra - 1

Top Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra - 1


Maharashtra country is home to several rare species of fauna and flora in 17 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Wildlife safari in significant sanctuaries of Maharashtra inlcude Tadoba National Park, Sanjay Gandhi National Park,Pench National Park, Bharmragarh Sanctuary,Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary,Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary,Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary.

  • Tadoba National Park – TATR

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project and national park is the greatest residence of Bengal Tigers at Maharashtra, situated in Chandrapur district. Keystone species of Tadoba National Park are all Bengal tiger, sloth bears, Indian leopards, honey badger and dhole crazy dog.
Tadoba Andhari National Park is the biggest national park of Maharashtra country with total area of 625.4 km2 book and home to 88 Bengal Tigers, List of famous Tigers of Tadoba National Park are

  • Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary involving Bhandara and Gondia district of Maharashtra is a lesser-known refuge in India. The Sanctuary is famous for scenic landscape and quantity of crazy animals,reptiles,birds, insects and ant species.

  • Pench National Park

Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve is situated across Both countries of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Pench Tiger Reserve is very rich and varied in wildlife and among the most popular destinations for wildlife tourism in Maharashtra.

  • Navegaon National Park

Navegaon National Park at Gondia district of Maharashtra is just another lesser-known wildlife safari park in India. The scenic lake along with flocks of amazing birds offer the very unique adventures.

  • Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary

Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a tiger reserve at Amravati district, situated on the Satpura Hill Range. Gugamal National Park and also Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary of Amravati district form the center area and buffer area of the book.
Gugamal National Park at Chikhaldara of Amravati district a part of Melghat Tiger Reserve and home to wild mammals such as Bengal tiger,Ussuri dhole, Indian leopard and sloth bear.

  • Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is a shield habitat of this Indian Giant Squirrel, state creature of Maharashtra. The refuge is among the very best biodiversity hotspots in India, situated in the Ambegaon and Khed talukas of Pune.

  • Radhanagari Bison Sanctuary

Radhanagari Bison Sanctuary or Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary in Kolhapur is mainly made to shield Indian bison or Gaur. The Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for the high inhabitants of Indian bison in Maharashtra.

  • Bor Wildlife Sanctuary

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many different wild creatures and birds,located near Hingani at Wardha district. It's announced as a tiger reserve and united with Pench Tiger book to improve wildlife conservation in Maharashtra.

  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Karnala Bird Sanctuary at Mumbai is a small region near Matheran and Karjat. Together with Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Tungareshwar refuge, Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a popular destination for bird watchers in Mumbai.


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