15 Must visit places in Jaisalmer (1-5 )

15 Must visit places in Jaisalmer (1-5 )

Jaisalmer Fort

Thar Desert, isn't merely a fort but also a mini-town with homes, temples, shops, and restaurants. Built in 1156, Jaisalmer Fort has its title from the prior Bhati Rajput ruler Rao Jaisal. Over three million people live inside the fort walls with numerous entry gates on the road up high, the final of that leads one into the popular public square-foot Dashera Chowk and can be surrounded with a 30 ft. tall partitions. Due to its altitude, it delivers a stunning and scenic view of Jaisalmer city located in gold yellow!

Desert Safari

Desert Safar Often visited by tourists because of its big stretches of desert sand. The majority of the visitors prefer opting for the desert safaris and intended bundles. These excursions are conducted in the morning or throughout the day to prevent the searing heat. Additionally, when the desert safari at Jaisalmer gets completed, you may enjoy a tasty meal alongside musical dancing program that showcases the local tradition of Rajasthan. The desert safari is generally conducted in jeeps or individual automobiles; you could also enjoy the camel safari across the slopes which will provide you a sense of having stepped back into background. Although people usually prefer carrying these safaris early in the morning, the night is when the desert really comes alive.

Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara Village, situated around 20 kilometres In the Golden City Jaisalmer is among the most intriguing and fascinating attraction websites you ought to absolutely have in your itinerary. The village, rich with its fair share of myths and legends, is supposedly a spooky and haunted village. The eerily beautiful overall look of this, standing solitary amidst the huge stretches of desert, lives up to its standing. There have been tales of ghostly and paranormal activities in and about the village, but such as always nobody could offer any good evidence of it. See it, should you want to be surrounded by an atmosphere of mystery.

Jain Temple

Jain Temple Town. The temples, even though historical, possess a high spiritual significance and historical knowledge attached to them. Constructed in the Dilwara design that's famous all around the world because of its structure, these temples have been committed to Rikhabdevji and Shambhavdev Ji, the renowned Jain hermits called'Tirthankaras'. Being a substantial pilgrimage place, the Jain Temples are quite a treasure of this Jaisalmer city and an enjoyable place to be at for those tourists that want to know more about history and faith. Each of the temples are attached to each other and are constructed using exactly the exact same golden-yellow Jaisalmeri stone.

Desert National park

Located close to town of Jaisalmer, Desert National park is one of the biggest of its type in the nation, encompassing an The park covers a Massive area extending from Jaisalmer/Barmer all the way into the India-Pakistan border. Regardless of being Presents an excellent chance to find the wildlife such as camels, desert The Intriguing landmark provides all you can expect in the desert scene, The dunes contain approximately 20 percent of this park. The Whole place is covered with Thorny bushes, cacti and a couple of desert plants. If You Would like to research the Majestic wildlife in the Desert National Park, then the best means to do this is by Opting to get an adventure-filled jeep safari that is an entirely new Exciting experience.


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