Top 10 Indian Species of Snakes from Natural Habitats - 1

Top 10 Indian Species of Snakes from Natural Habitats - 1

Indian subcontinent is home to around 10% of the entire snake species found on the planet such as the four venomous snake species accountable for causing the maximum individual snake bites. Indian Subcontinent is uniquely qualified habitat for those reptiles with a vast assortment of prey for venomous and non-venomous snakes, the more black and dense woods of India assist them to grow large.

  • Reticulated Python

The reticulated python is the greatest and biggest snake of Indian Subcontinent and will be the world's greatest snake and greatest reptile also but maybe not the most hefty. Asiatic reticulated python isn't regarded as harmful to people but is potent enough to kill an adult human.

  • Indian Rock Python

Indian Rock Python is a big nonvenomous python species located in Indian Subcontinent, rather common during the jungles of India. Ajgar snake is typical Indian title of Python molurus and reaches normally upto 3 metres or 9.8 ft.

  • The King Cobra

The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake on the planet and can achieve as tall as an adult individual. A King cobra is believed to be the most dangerous snake and preys on other snakes such as rat snake,lizard and mouse.

  • Indian Cobra

Indian Cobra is mostly found in the vicinity of the Indian subcontinent and can be categorized under Naja household. The Spectacled cobra species is a big, highly venomous snake and a part of that the Big Four Family and refereed among the most dangerous snake in India.

  • Indian Rat Snake

The oriental ratsnake is a typical species of colubrid snake located in Indian Subcontinent and pose no danger to people. Indian rat snake or Dhaman are often located in metropolitan areas where rodents flourish.

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